Air Quality Modeling Analysis, TX

Weston performed air quality analyses, including dispersion modeling, in support of air permitting for our client’s grassroots methanol production plant located near Beaumont, Texas. The plant is one of the largest methanol production plants to be built in the United States, based on production capacity.

Weston conducted an air quality analysis, including performing dispersion modeling, to evaluate the off-property impacts of criteria and toxic air pollutant emissions in support of the air permitting for the methanol production facility. For this analysis, Weston utilized the AERMOD model to evaluate the compliance of criteria pollutant emissions with defined National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS). Additionally, we evaluated the compliance of air toxic pollutant emissions to defined Texas air toxic concentration limits.

Weston’s air quality analysis showed that the off-property impacts of the criteria pollutants were below the NAAQS limits. And, the impacts of the air toxic pollutants were below the Texas air toxic concentration limits. Having these results was key in the air permitting process, as the facility would not have received all of the necessary pre-construction air permits without the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and EPA approving Weston’s air quality modeling analysis. Had the results been different, the entire project could have been stopped.