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Oil and Gas Well Plugging and Abandonment

Removing the liability and resolving local problems that have global impacts on climate change

Delivered at scale, with confidence, and for the community

Hundreds of thousands of orphaned oil and gas wells remain in the United States and present potential environmental threats without proper closure. Weston shares the mission of our federal and state government clients to reduce well methane emissions and to reclaim lands and waters for communities nationwide, especially rural and tribal populations. To achieve this mission, we offer a full suite of cost-efficient, reliable, and scalable plug and abandonment solutions and services.

Our highly skilled and motivated workforce has hands-on expertise and in-depth knowledge of regulatory requirements and funding opportunities associated with orphaned oil and gas wells. We prioritize quality and safety throughout the decommissioning process and build cross-agency consensus to minimize environmental liabilities and eliminate leakage risk. Plugging and abandonment, remediation, and reclamation provide prospective Weston employee-owners with the unique opportunity to support communities on the frontlines of methane pollution and preserve cultural and natural resources for future generations.

Featured Services

  • Programmatic Management
  • Orphan Well Assessment, Characterization, and Inventory
  • Landman Services
  • Determination of Orphan Well Status
  • Geophysical Surveys (Aerial and Ground-Based)
  • Methane Monitoring and Reporting
  • Permitting (CWA, NEPA, OPA Compliance)
  • Well P&A, Remediation, and Reclamation
  • Oil Spill Response Site Restoration
  • Data Management, Visualization, and GIS