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Commercial properties are high-visibility projects that contribute to the unique character of the communities where we live and work. They communicate the value of the teams who see these projects through. Weston navigates the complicated processes of commercial property reuse, redevelopment, and revitalization to help you be a good neighbor. We instill confidence in your ability to provide safe, attractive, functional, and sustainable properties.

Weston builds trusted partnerships by offering a multi-disciplinary team who takes a holistic, integrated approach toward regulatory compliance that accelerates project goals. You can rest assured your project won’t be encumbered by financial surprises. Our data systems generate fully defensible estimates so you can reach a funding agreement with all parties.

Neighbors, policymakers, and competitors are looking at your projects as examples of the future of adaptive reuse and sustainable design-build. Weston’s GreenGrid® Roofing System, the first-ever modular green roof, is one of our many innovations that can help improve your commercial property’s energy performance (as a thermal barrier), stormwater management (as a permeable surface for runoff), and overall aesthetic appeal. We launched the innovative GreenGrid® Roofing System as the exclusive licensee, manufacturer, and provider in 2002, and we are pleased to provide this cost-effective, attractive roofing option to promote your commitment to your community and the environment.

We are committed to staying at the forefront of sustainable technology and are ready to serve your commercial property and development needs.

Featured Services

  • Remediation
  • Storm Water Management
  • Compliance Permitting
  • Regulatory Strategy
  • Ambient Air Monitoring
  • Engineering Design
  • Construction Management
  • Geotechnical Engineering Studies
  • Industrial Hygiene Survey and Remediation
  • Natural Resource Studies and Permitting
  • Environmental/Construction Staff Outsourcing
  • GreenGrid® Roofing Systems

Trust Weston with your commercial property needs to represent you as environmental stewards to your community.