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What is working at Weston really like?

Team-centric culture

As a premiere environmental provider for over 65 years, we’ve always understood that success starts with us. The unique Weston community, the culture cultivated by iconic client leaders, new team members with fresh perspectives, and everyone in between; these are the people who make Weston who we are—who make us strong.

It’s this incredible community that inspires our commitment to give back and makes us appreciate life at Weston.

Career control

Our employee-owners have the unique freedom to co-create their careers through flexible work options, varied roles across service lines, and frequent opportunities for mobility.

We are a tight-knit network sized just right for mentorship and collaboration across service lines that produce incredible synergies and unlimited professional relationships.

Inspiring confidence in clients and future generations

The past few years have definitely proven that not all heroes wear capes. Many everyday heroes, like Weston’s Elizabeth Bolt, wear high-vis vests and hard hats. They are engineers whose everyday work innovates processes and products that improve public safety and welfare.

Based in the Mid-Atlantic Region serving federal, municipal, and commercial clients, Elizabeth has built quite a career, with over 30 years at Weston. “I produce hydrologic/hydraulic analysis and stormwater management designs to support land development projects on large industrial sites. We help our clients navigate the environmental permitting process and comply with construction activity requirements, post-construction stormwater management, and habitat restoration requirements.”

And after establishing herself in the field and beyond, she has some sound advice for the next generation of female engineer leaders: “Expect that despite credentials, tenure, and other achievements, you’ll run into some who question whether you belong at the table. Be confident that you do. Build on all lessons learned and each milestone, then stretch yourself to the next one. Weston is the kind of company that supports you in achieving your career goals.”

“We have several industrial clients we’ve been serving for 25+ years. I’m proud to have gained their trust and to work as partners in solving environmental challenges.”

Elizabeth Bolt, P.E., LEED® AP, CFM, Principal Project Engineer

Taking “hands on” to heart

Sarah Hale loves to be in the field, literally.

After originally planning on studying astronomy, Sarah soon realized that she had a deeper interest in planetary science. Combined with her preference for a more hands-on approach, she enrolled in a geology program to start her career path.

Sarah has been at Weston for over 4 years and is based in New Jersey; she works primarily on remediation sites for commercial and utility clients in the northeast. Her work includes soil logging, sample collection, sample management, and coordination and communication with subcontractors, project managers, and client representatives. .

Geologists try to understand the Earth, which is more important now than ever. And supporting more passionate, focused geologists like Sarah is a great start.

“My advice to professionals in their first couple of years on this job is…don’t specialize. Get involved in as many different types of projects as you can, if you can. Learn the field skills and learn to do them well. The quality of the decisions that we make and of the advice we give to our clients is based on the quality of the data that we collect. Also, trust yourself. Don’t allow the fact that you have less experience than others make you afraid to raise your voice and make yourself heard. Sometimes you’ll be right and sometimes you’ll be wrong but talk to your project managers and the senior technical staff, and work to understand the why behind the what and how.”

Sarah Hale, Project Geologist

Keeping diversity and inclusion top of mind

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are not new areas of focus at Weston. But the exciting formation of an official Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Council (DILC) and Initiative in 2020 was a pivotal step toward increasing our commitment, as well as expanding our existing efforts across recruitment, training, and communications.

Leader and founding member of the DILC, Patrick A. Austin, says, “The focus of the initiative is to educate and advocate for inclusion and equity for people of all social identities in our workforce, including age, race, gender, religion, ethnicity, ability, and orientation.”

The seven-member council represents a cross-section of our company, integrating diverse backgrounds, and varied roles and seniority levels. Each member shares a passion to strengthen the culture of diversity among employee-owners and spark meaningful change in our communities.

Because real diversity and inclusion are incredible strengths, and we’re getting stronger every day.

“At Weston, I have had the privilege of working with some of the most talented professionals in the industry: innovators, problem solvers, and creative thinkers, with diverse skills and from varied backgrounds…”

Patrick A. Austin, Principal Project Scientist and Weston Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Council Leader/Founding Member

Helping veterans apply their valuable skills

As an Equipment Store Field Coordinator supporting Weston project teams nationwide, Bonnie manages the end-to-end process of securing expendables and equipment for our company field personnel to perform their duties.

Bonnie Shaw served in the United States Marine Corps for 8 years: 6 years active duty and 2 years inactive from 1986 to 1994. Due to her active status in several veterans’ groups and activities, she is known as a Sergeant of Marines.

After creating a successful post-military career with Weston for over 20 years, what advice would Bonnie have for other veterans seeking to transfer their skills and experience into meaningful employment? “Remember personal accountability, a skill we refined in the military. Any job opportunity is what you make of it. Will you focus on the rewarding moments or on day-to-day frustrations? It’s all in how you react.”

We’re proud that Bonnie is on our team of national employee-owners; we thank her and all veterans for their service.

“Remember personal accountability, a skill we refined in the military. It’s all in how you react.”

Bonnie Shaw, CES/RES Field Coordinator

Empowering employee-owners from day one

​​After joining Weston’s Proposal Development & Publications group 8 years ago, Brianna Risch has moved up through the roles of Proposal Coordinator, Proposal Writer, and is currently a Proposal Manager. Although her roles have changed, Brianna knows she can always count on her team: “Our group is very tight-knit. Everyone is willing to help one another to get a proposal out the door.”

Alexis Witt joined the team 12 years ago. She has been a Proposal Coordinator, Proposal Writer, Proposal Manager, and is now a Capture Manager. Alexis’s path is another great example of the mobility and growth that is possible within this high-performing department at Weston.

Department Manager Tom Kalucki provides insight into what makes their team thrive: “We empower anyone new to the team by getting them involved with challenging and interesting experiences from day one. We like to pair up new and experienced employee-owners as much as possible. This accelerates the learning process and strengthens connections. You’ll always have someone to turn to in our group for help and guidance. We love to help others.”

“Everyone is willing to help one another…I also appreciate that I can build a flexible work schedule that works for my life.”

Brianna Risch, Proposal Manager