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Environmental Compliance and Permitting

Weston not only draws the roadmap, we take the wheel.

We have you covered

The road to regulatory success is rarely straight. Compliance roadblocks and detours not only jeopardize your project—they also jeopardize your operation, your brand, and your bottom line. With over 4 decades of industry experience, we will help you mitigate these risks through sound environmental permit acquisition, compliance strategies, and delivery tactics.

Our nationwide network of engineers, geologists, scientists, and compliance subject-matter experts rely on active listening and compliance know-how to provide you with cost-effective, streamlined, and scalable solutions. We start with the end goal in mind and bring forward full engineering, construction, and operational management best practices, plus industry aptitude, to drive permitting projects to successful completion.

We navigate ever-changing regulatory requirements and complexities, aggregate and manage important data, and actively build trust and consensus among competing interests so you can work faster and smarter.


Featured Services

  • EHS Compliance and Sustainability
  • Waste Management
  • Siting, Licensing, and Permitting
  • Regulatory Compliance Plans
  • EHS Compliance and Management System Audits
  • Wetlands Assessments
  • Endangered and Threatened Species Analyses
  • Employee and Contractor Training Program Development and Implementation
  • Response Planning (Facility Response Plans, Emergency Response Action Plans, and Integrated Contingency Plans)

Every plan we write, site we visit, and design we create, is our opportunity to make an impact while driving your business forward along the road to success.