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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Weston

Our differences make us stronger.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion strengthen our mission and culture.

Thrive in a workplace culture where everyone is valued and you can achieve your full potential.

What do we stand for? Who do we stand with?

“We stand for a culture where all employee-owners are accepted, respected, and empowered, regardless of age, race, gender identity, religion, disability, or sexual orientation. We strive for diversity, equity, inclusion, equality, accountability, and creating a sense of belonging among our coworkers, partners, and the communities that we serve.”
-Statement from the Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Council (DILC) and Weston Women’s Network (WWN) Taskforce, 2021.

Advancing equity together

Celebrating diverse perspectives and innovation go hand in hand. This commitment has fueled 65 years of environmental and infrastructure excellence. And we continue to challenge ourselves, our industry, and our communities to advance equity. At Weston, you are part of this mission.

As a united team of national employee-owners, we are living out this commitment by:

  • Spearheading initiatives through our Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Council (DILC).
    • We established our DILC to promote education, stimulate dialogue, and celebrate and expand our existing diversity through recruitment, training, and communications. This seven-member team represents a cross-section of our company, integrating varied backgrounds, roles, and seniority levels.
  • Empowering women by providing tailored support and resources within the Weston Women’s Network (WWN)
    • By connecting women across the company, we create a platform for collaboration, knowledge sharing, personal growth, and professional development. In partnership with Weston’s executive management team, we are well-positioned to drive meaningful change for women so they can break barriers, achieve their full potential, and address the challenges experienced in the workplace. For more information, click here.
  • Investing in education and incorporating best practices.
    • We universally apply recruitment practices to eradicate bias and accelerate diversity in hiring across the company and offer annual corporate-sponsored leadership training. We maintain an active dialogue by celebrating and acknowledging our employee-owners’ accomplishments through regular internal communications and social media recognition.
  • Upholding supplier diversity within our exceptional Small Business Subcontracting Program.
    • We engage with high-performing suppliers and subcontractors who represent diverse socioeconomic groups, including minorities, women, veterans, service-disabled veterans, and other disadvantaged individuals and underserved communities. These diverse suppliers and subcontractors represent more than 80% of Weston’s procurements.


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