Weston brings over 45 years of experience and deep expertise to federal agencies with environmental, security, disaster response, continuity of operations, and infrastructure improvement requirements.

Our support ranges from investigation through remediation of contaminated properties, and addressing environmental and health risks to information management solutions, and infrastructure support repairing, maintaining, or upgrading facilities.


We understand that these agencies have Federal Disaster Response Plan responsibilities or their own operational disaster response requirements and we bring more Federally Certified Disaster Response Incident Leaders than any other federal contractor. We leverage this capability to provide disaster response support to USPS, DHS/Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), as well as our more well known support for EPA and DoD. We execute work for these agencies both directly and through well-established DoD contracts designed to provide broad, time-critical, mission support. At the heart of all our support is our understanding of and focus on maintaining the mission of our federal agencies that always rests in the public interest. READ MORE


Our role is to deliver the intended result, not merely complete a list of identified actions. This work typically involves remediation, packaging, and handling a range of high-level hazardous materials, from PCBs to radiological waste requiring special skills and expertise to ensure public protection and safety. The National Intelligence Community has specialized requirements for both security infrastructure enhancements and more routine construction and environmental compliance work in secure working/operational areas. Weston delivers these services from our cleared office facilities and with in-house staff with high-level security clearances. READ MORE

Weston has advocated and participated in the DoD and SBA Mentor-Protégé Programs for over 20 years, and is currently engaged in a formal Mentor-Protégé Agreement under the SBA Program with Indian Eyes, LLC an 8(a), WOSDB.
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