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Trusts and PRP Groups

We have the team, technology, and trusted approach to handle complex remediation projects

Safe remediation solutions to protect communities and the environment

When industrial operating facilities shut down and are abandoned, there can be residual contamination that is not fully characterized and poses an unacceptable hazard to public health and the environment. These “legacy” sites often require government-mandated cleanups or become CERCLA Superfund sites. The dilapidated facilities and environmental contamination cause blight for communities and stymie redevelopment.

The process of investigating site conditions and remediating environmental contamination for Potentially Responsible Party (PRP) Groups, and Environmental Response Trusts can be complex. Shared responsibilities, costs, and decision making requires careful planning and seamless execution. Our approach begins with understanding the remedial objectives and site conditions, and then developing innovative, cost effective solutions by leveraging our technical expertise and capabilities. Our environmental professionals will engage with all stakeholders early in the process and provide technical leadership throughout the entire project life cycle.

We are your trusted partner to create technical solutions that effectively manage risk, permanently cleanup contamination, and restore habitat and ecosystems. We bring enthusiasm for collaboration and decades of relevant experience so that legacy sites are remediated and communities can redevelop, reuse, or preserve land as open space.

Featured Services

  • Remedial Design Engineering
  • Construction Management
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Ecosystem Restoration
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Remedial System Optimization
  • Data Acquisition and Modeling
  • Stakeholder Integration
  • Emerging Contaminants Assessment and Remediation
  • Managing Environmental Liabilities

We take pride in our ability to restore these unsafe, abandoned, and unproductive areas into assets that bring communities and ecosystems back to life.