Legacy environmental contamination from formerly industrialized sites can affect many stakeholders, and the ensuing investigation and remediation efforts are often complex, costly, and protracted. Weston is skilled and experienced at working collaboratively with Potentially Responsible Party (PRP) Groups and Environmental Response Trusts to expedite site closure.

Historical environmental contamination at former industrialized sites can pose long-term liabilities for companies or multiple entities. These “legacy” sites can become government-mandated cleanup sites, CERCLA Superfund sites, or remain as abandoned, unproductive land or assets, blighting communities and balance sheets. Weston provides creative technical services with a keen focus on sound business solutions at legacy sites by proactively managing environmental liabilities and restoring natural resources.


Property ownership and liabilities associated with legacy sites can be complicated. When multiple entities are involved, the sites may be led by a group of PRPs. When relief is sought under bankruptcy laws, the Plan of Liquidation often provides for the creation of an Environmental Response Trust, and subsequent transfer of environmental liabilities and related assets to a Trustee who is then responsible for winding down the remaining environmental liabilities. READ MORE


Weston has extensive experience working with both PRP groups and Environmental Response Trusts. Many legacy site remediation projects occur over multiple years and require a collaborative approach between stakeholders, as well as exceptional management, financial, engineering, and construction services. Weston’s open communication, robust project and program controls, technical proficiency, creativity, billing accuracy, and regular project updates help sustain progress and mitigate delays.READ MORE


We deliver comprehensive environmental services from planning to site investigation, remedial design, construction, and operations. We have extensive experience on projects using a Design/Build/Operate/Maintain (DBOM) approach that streamlines the project, reduces costs, eliminates misunderstandings during transition between phases, and provides robust accountability. We have developed and utilized innovative treatment technologies and creative business solutions that benefit our multi-party clients. READ MORE


  • Project planning and land use design
  • Trust/stakeholder/public relations
  • Site characterization
  • Remedial design engineering
  • Soil, sediment, and groundwater investigations and remediation
  • Demolition and decommissioning of facility structures
  • Construction management
  • Operations and Maintenance (O&M)
  • Restoration of ecosystems
  • Environmental monitoring