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Safety First

At Weston, the safety of our employee-owners, contractors, and clients is paramount

Safety as we see it

Fundamental to our culture and operations, safety is ingrained in our work, ourselves, and the world that we share here at Weston.

Every employee-owner is personally responsible for making sure safety is a fundamental part of each step of the process and across every level and function. We consistently implement regulatory/legislative requirements while continuously refining our best practices to establish trusted protocols that protect our teams.

We encourage each other to be leaders in the safety space and create an environment, both in the field and within our office space, where everyone can feel safe and secure.

“Safety is tightly integrated into daily life at Weston, from corporate leaders to field safety officers nationwide. The team collaborates with the safety department at each project phase, from planning and field construction to sharing lessons learned and every step in between. Safety, done right, takes a team.”

Herold Hannah , CISP, Director of Health & Safety