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U.S. Department of Defense

​​Building a secure, sustainable nation

Mission-readiness for complex times

Defense communities and military installations are not immune to the devastating effects and harsh realities of extreme weather events, cybersecurity threats, aging infrastructure, and a global pandemic. These challenges have resulted in changing demands, impacts, and vulnerabilities that extend far beyond installation and community boundaries.

Weston works together with the DoD clients and stakeholders to address their highest priority needs for sustaining military operations and readiness, including revitalizing our infrastructure, maintaining and restoring our lands and waterways, and strengthening our preparedness for natural and manmade disasters.

For 50 years, Weston has provided our DoD clients with cost-effective, resilient, and sustainable solutions throughout the program and project lifecycle. Our meaningful work with DoD is reinforced by our strong support and partnerships with small businesses.

Whether related to fuel, munitions, emerging contaminants like PFAS, military and civil works infrastructure, or homeland security, we have delivered mission-essential services for some of DoD’s most complex projects with minimal impact to its operations.


Featured Services

  • Environmental Site Investigation
  • Hazardous Site Remediation
  • PFAS Solutions
  • Munitions Response
  • Rapid and Emergency Response
  • Fueling Systems Construction, Maintenance, and Repair
  • Secure Construction
  • Civil and Water Engineering and Management
  • Environmental Compliance Services
  • Planning and Permitting
  • Information Management

We are proactive—not reactive—in protecting our nation’s security, way of life, and environment.

“My recent work at a prominent military installation has been rewarding to see how our efforts support the seamless continuity of their mission under DoD. The Weston project team executed the installation of two new fuel offloading systems that service mission critical aircraft with minimal disruption to standard operations. The system typically receives fuel through a commercial pipeline. But, when this is disrupted, they must rely on their truck offloading capabilities. We promptly installed all equipment for the new system taking down the fuel system for just a short period to tie in, ensuring that operations proceeded without interruption.”

Rebecca Orme, P.E