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We measure success on a triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit ingrained into our story: where we came from and where we are going

Putting principles into practice

Weston has remained steadfast in pursuit of timely, client-focused solutions that are more resilient and sustainable for future generations. We’re united in protecting our infrastructure, combating climate change, and ultimately, preserving our planet. From facing the devastating effects of natural disasters and rising sea levels to contaminated properties/water resources and cybersecurity threats, we stand by this professional and deeply personal commitment to bring socially responsible solutions to everything we do.

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A professional and personal commitment

To support a more circular economy, our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts focus on several strategic growth areas.

We respect and appreciate the differences among us, embracing age, race, gender, religion, ethnicity, ability, and orientation. We attract and retain the best talent by amplifying diverse and underrepresented voices to increase visibility, innovation, and awareness.

Learn more about how we create a platform for new, innovative ideas through our Diversity and Inclusion and Weston Women’s Network councils, which are vital parts of our culture.

We encourage a hybrid work model (remote and in-office) and flexible workspace sharing options to reduce our carbon footprint. We seek out hotels with sustainable practices or temporary housing to reduce resource-heavy cleaning needs.
We use ENERGY STAR® certified lighting fixtures (20% energy reduction/year), install sanitary fixtures (39% water reduction/year); and routinely monitor air quality at our nationwide office locations.
We account for suppliers’ and contractors’ commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility during our rigorous procurement process, in addition to price, past performance, and quality.
When considering the purchase of corporate vehicles, we refer to EPA’s Green Vehicle Guide. Environmentally preferable service stations (local small businesses) maintain our vehicles. For commuting to field sites, we use flexible-fuel vehicles to reduce emissions.
We are continuing an initiative to recycle out-of-date computer equipment through either Dell’s robust Asset Recovery Service Program or local charity centers.

Our commitment extends beyond our work and into our personal communities. Through our “Make a Difference” events we organize community service projects. We hold each other accountable to embrace our legacy of addressing complex social-ecological challenges.

We are committed to the implementation of resilient and sustainable solutions that will positively impact future generations. As an organization we have employed diverse strategies and initiatives, aiming to diminish our carbon footprint and actively contribute to the mitigation of climate change. These measures include monitoring and decreasing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions.

Learn more about our current efforts specific to GHG emission management.


Pursuing the triple bottom line—people, planet, and profit—is a group effort. We continue to cultivate an environment that embraces our differences, provides meaningful opportunities to pursue aspirations, and strengthens our communities as we advance environmental justice and resilient solutions together.