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In response to an evolving market landscape driven by the energy transition, our clients are balancing new opportunities for growth with the need to remain profitable. As they look to meet new challenges associated with resource and cost efficiencies, operational reliability and excellence, and risk reduction, Weston is a natural partner. Our approach on each project is centered around the need to provide our clients with value and innovation, while building trust over the long term.

With more than five decades serving our oil and gas industry clients, Weston offers full-service environmental planning, permitting, compliance, engineering, and remedial solutions. As a mid-size firm, we provide a local focus backed by national bench strength. We bring each client the expertise and resources to every project across the energy spectrum—upstream, midstream, and downstream.

With a commitment to technical and design excellence, we apply the latest innovations in data visualization, modeling, and engineering applications, along with data-driven support to address the growing call for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards. Our clients rely on Weston for strategies and solutions for successfully solving the environmental challenges of today and tomorrow.


Featured Services

  • Environmental Planning
  • Siting, Licensing, and Permitting
  • EHS Compliance
  • Site Characterizations/Remedial Solutions
  • ESG Solutions
  • Emissions Testing/Stack Testing
  • Engineering Design
  • Modeling and Visualization
  • Data Management and Visualization
  • Climate Resiliency Planning and Adaptation

We’re known for building lasting relationships with our clients and their stakeholders—working together to increase efficiency, improve resilience and sustainability, while reducing liabilities.

Upstream Oil & Gas - Permitting, Compliance, Regulatory Auditing, etc.


The integrated solutions we develop are specific to the environmental challenges inherent to field development, operation, decommissioning, and abandonment. These services include permitting, compliance, regulatory auditing, due diligence, remediation, and site restoration. We also provide solutions for the ever-increasing demand for efficient water management associated with unconventional field development, such as water conveyance and storage systems, water monitoring, and water supply.


Midstream, we provide linear and aboveground facility multimedia permitting (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission [FERC]-regulated and non-regulated systems), pipeline design, natural resource surveys and consultations, National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), and environmental construction inspection/monitoring. We are also an industry leader in environmental compliance and remediation addressing historic and evolving environmental issues.
Downstream Oil & Gas - Multimedia Permitting and Compliance, Corrective Action, Decommissioning, etc.


Weston understands the complex technical, regulatory, and financial environment in which the refining industry operates. Our personnel specialize in multimedia permitting and operational compliance, including emissions testing. In addition, our remedial engineers develop, install, and operate effective, easy-to-maintain remedial strategies that comply with all regulatory guidelines.