Weston was founded over 60 years ago to solve the toughest water and wastewater challenges and continues to provide that same commitment and expertise to clients today with solutions to any water or wastewater issue.

Mike Cosmos

Weston provides a full range of scientific, regulatory, engineering, and construction capabilities to deliver water and wastewater solutions for our clients. For over 60 years, Weston has continuously delivered water and wastewater solutions on tens of thousands of projects nationally. Our clients bring divergent water and wastewater needs, and we stand able to support each one with broad expertise across our array of services that specifically address water and wastewater issues. Weston solves the toughest water supply, treatment, and operational problems for private industry, including pharmaceutical manufacturers, food and beverage producers, and electric power distribution utilities and power generation facilities. Our network of nationwide offices provides local and relevant support to state and local governmental authorities who manage watersheds, collect, treat, and distribute safe drinking water, and collect, manage, and treat storm water and sewer systems. Water resource solutions are delivered to our entire client base, across industry and power utilities; state and local government; along with our federal clients, such as the Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marine facilities.READ MORE


In the project planning stages of water and wastewater projects, Weston provides regulatory analysis, permitting, design alternative studies, watershed/supply sustainability analysis and environmental impact assessments. Weston’s singular goal is that every project remains protective of the environment, compliant with the regulatory and public needs, and is executed in timely and efficiently manner. READ MORE


In the water and wastewater project construction phase, Weston provides a range of services, such as a turnkey contractor capable of building and installing complex specialty treatment facilities and a construction manager role representing our clients’ interests, directly managing and inspecting the installation work to assure it meets the highest quality standards. Once facilities are constructed, Weston provides commissioning and startup services to demonstrate that the completed project satisfies all the performance standards required to make the project successful. READ MORE


In the water and wastewater project design stage, Weston engineers provide technology and vendor evaluations and selection, detailed project design services, including process, mechanical, electrical, process controls, civil and structural design drawings and specification packages, engineering alternatives analysis, project cost estimates, and contractor bidding services. Weston engineers are focused to deliver a comprehensive project design package that meets cost, schedule, and high-quality standards. READ MORE


In completed and operating facilities, Weston engineers and scientists assist in process optimization, controls system upgrades, and process modifications to meet the dynamic needs of our client operations. Weston’ will always aim to maximize our client facilities’ cost and operational efficiency while protecting the environment and our water resources READ MORE