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Los Angeles County Public Works Coordinated Integrated Monitoring Program

Water Engineering & Management -County Public Works Coordinated Integrated Monitoring Program

Project Overview


The Marina del Rey Harbor contains biological life including benthic macroinvertebrates and fish important to the ecosystem. Weston is assisting Los Angeles County Public Works (LACPW) with fulfilling and meeting their permit and TMDL monitoring requirements under the Marina del Rey Coordinated Integrated Monitoring Program (CIMP) by providing monitoring and data assessment services. Monitoring components of the program include dry and wet weather harbor receiving water monitoring, stormwater outfall-based monitoring, storm-borne sediment sample collection, annual harbor sediment sampling, and bioaccumulation testing in fish and muscle tissue, as well as sediment toxicity testing. Reporting requirements include preparing the Marina del Rey Watershed Annual Report, Marina del Rey Toxics TMDL Report, as well as semi-annual data reports. Our team coordinates with watershed stakeholders to ensure timely submission of data, assessments of conditions within the receiving water, analysis of water quality trends, status of multi-year efforts, assessment of stormwater discharges, and summaries of control measures implemented throughout the year. Weston has also developed and updated water management plans for the Marina del Rey Watershed Management Plan Agencies. As this project continues, Weston uses our keen understanding and institutional knowledge of both the behavior of the watershed and latest technologies to accurately model the hydrology and provide cost efficient and effective monitoring to support the implementation of the Marina del Rey CIMP under the Water Management Plan. Compliance with the Permit and TMDLs will ultimately lead to improved water and sediment quality in Marina del Rey Harbor which will result in better habitat for benthic infauna and fish communities within the Harbor.