Spicewood Beach Water Treatment Plant

Weston provided engineering and design services for a new water supply and treatment plant for a severely drought-affected community in Spicewood Beach, TX.

Project Overview


Spicewood Beach, TX had been severely affected by drought for over 2 years. After the community’s water supply wells went dry, water had to be delivered to the area by truck several times a day just to meet essential needs. The community was also on extended, mandatory Stage 4 water restrictions. After collaborating with Weston to evaluate options for solving this critical problem, the water provider determined that the most cost-effective and reliable solution was to construct a new surface water treatment plant with source water from nearby Lake Travis.

Weston brought a myriad of services to this project. Our team assisted in the grant process to obtain some of the project funding and performed options evaluations, design, permitting and construction, prepared documents necessary for permitting and regulatory agency approval, provided design services for electrical, system controls, communication, civil, geotechnical, structural, buildings, and ventilation requirements. We sealed and stamped documents on behalf of the client. In addition, our team provided design support services for a new groundwater intake system and the plant expansion. The team also worked through an extensive permitting process with the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality to gain the first regulatory approval from the commission for this particular kind of intake system.

The Spicewood Beach surface water intake wells and water treatment plant is now fully operational and providing drinking water to Spicewood Beach and the surrounding communities. The new water supply and infrastructure is capable of providing twice the demand required and will meet the community’s needs for many years to come.