Carlsbad Watershed Management Group, Stressor Identification Study

Water Engineering & Management -Toxicity identification evaluations, chemistry and biological analyses, etc.

Project Overview


Based on Sediment Quality Objective (SQO) station assessment results from the Southern California Bight 2018 Regional Monitoring Program, Weston conducted sediment confirmation monitoring in two lagoons 2019. In 2020, Weston prepared the Sediment Stressor Identification Work Plan to identify and characterize potential physical or chemical stressors contributing to the SQO station level assessment scores observed during Bight 2018 and the 2019 confirmation monitoring. Using toxicity identification evaluations, chemistry and biological analyses, and historical data from previous surveys within the two lagoons, we are leading the way with performing stressor ID studies, only a few of which have been performed in southern California. Our team is currently working to identify if the stressor(s) are related to toxic pollutants in the sediments or physical disturbances to the water column and/or sediments, which will ultimately lead to a better habitat for the fish, plants, and organisms within the lagoons.