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Stack Testing and Air Quality Management

Compliance with confidence

Experience is the key to success

Only a contractor with proven experience can effectively manage industrial air emission sources and achieve compliance in an ever-evolving regulatory environment. Since the mid-1980s, Weston has successfully delivered countless stack testing and air quality monitoring and management projects.

We stand out by providing accurate, technically sound, and defensible air emissions data so you can meet regulatory compliance requirements with confidence. Our advanced sampling methods coupled with our live-view program allows you to see your data collected in real time with accuracy, transparency, and efficiency.

As industry leaders in the measurement of PFAS, our emission testing experts contributed to the development of methodologies that led to EPA’s draft sampling method (OTM-45) for the measurement of PFAS air emissions.

Quality is a driving factor in everything we do at Weston. It’s what we’re known for, and it’s what keeps our clients coming back.


Featured Services

  • Stack Testing
  • PFAS Stack Testing
  • Permit Compliance
  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Long Term Monitoring
  • Air Quality Station Operation and Maintenance
  • Air Quality Station Set Up
  • Meteorological Monitoring and Auditing
  • Fence Line Monitoring for VOCs
  • Emergency Response Ambient Monitoring
  • Criteria Pollutant Monitoring

The quality we provide means you optimize air emissions management, meet compliance and sustainability objectives, and maintain business operations.