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Lighting the way to a resilient future

Increase capacity, manage risk, and transform retired facilities into productive assets

Utility customers expect the lights to turn on and power to flow. Interruptions to electrical power resulting from aging and/or undersized utility systems or extreme weather events can impact customers and harm reputations. Power suppliers today must meet regulatory compliance requirements while working to reduce social and environmental impacts. Weston helps you:

  • Build resilient systems
  • Reduce service disruptions
  • Incorporate microgrids and renewable energy
  • Transform liabilities into assets
  • Decommission power plants
  • Redevelop retired assets

Weston offers more than 40 years of experience working with regulated and deregulated power generators, transmission and distribution companies, and energy developers. We have developed strong working relationships with regulatory agencies that will help you navigate the siting, licensing, and/or permitting process for capital expansion, O&M, redevelopment, and creative reuse projects such as the installation of solar panels on landfills.

Our commitment to the power industry goes beyond the construction phase of projects. Weston also offers in-house stack testing and ambient air testing and monitoring to assist in meeting air compliance standards. Our self-perform capabilities drive compliance assurance, cost efficiency, and overall quality standards.

Featured Services

  • Site Investigation, Remediation, and Closure
  • Site Redevelopment and Reuse
  • Siting, Licensing, Permitting, and Compliance
  • Waste Management and Remediation
  • Stack Testing
  • Facility Infrastructure Improvements
  • Water/Wastewater Engineering and Management
  • Climate Change and Resiliency Planning and Response
  • Facility Decommissioning and Demolition
  • PFAS Multimedia Solutions
  • Sustainability and ESG Solutions
  • Data Visualization and Analytics

You won’t get lost in the shuffle when you work with Weston. You’ll have a trusted partner at your side to help you navigate the complexities of the power industry.