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Secure infrastructure renovations without interruptions

Operations continuity is mission-critical

Our teams perform secure renovations in occupied spaces while maintaining critical systems operability—and discretion. To ensure uninhibited continuity of government mission objectives, we use our own self-perform team of employee-owners, who bring experience working within active secure environments.

Our clients benefit from greater flexibility, efficiency, quality, and value. When less time and money is spent procuring and overseeing subcontractors, you can expect seamless, consistent, and timely delivery.

Expect comprehensive knowledge of security standards, agency directives, and unique client security requirements. We have long-standing relationships with the DoD, Intelligence Community, and other federal agencies, and have experience improving secure infrastructure at classified and unclassified facilities worldwide. When you choose Weston, count on compliance and USG accreditation readiness.


Featured Services

  • Design, Design-build, and Construction in Compliance with ICD/ICS 705
  • Design and Construction of Operations and Security Command Centers
  • Secure, Mission-Critical Facility Renovations and Infrastructure Upgrades
  • High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) Facilities and Hardness Maintenance and Hardness Surveillance (HM/HS) Services
  • Facility Backup Power Generation, Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems, and Redundant Critical Infrastructure Design and Installations
  • Sound Attenuation, Acoustic Barriers, and Silencers
  • Physical Security, Access Control, and Integrated Perimeter Protection and Monitoring Systems
  • Active and Passive Vehicle Denial Barrier Systems, Secure Gate Complexes, and Systems
  • Electrical, Mechanical, and Communications Infrastructure Improvements, Including Control Systems and Mechanical and Electrical Controls
  • Security System Design, Installation, Commissioning, Acceptance Testing, and Training

It’s our mission to ensure there are no disruptions to your work.