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Mission-Critical DoD Installation, Confidential Location

Since 2002, Weston has performed over $150 million in infrastructure improvements at an active, mission-critical, DoD facility, improving the mission-readiness of this facility essential to our national security infrastructure.

Project Overview


The ultimate objective of the DoD facility upgrades for Weston is to improve the mission-readiness of this vital asset. The facility is in a restricted, undisclosed location, with limited access and ongoing operations. In collaboration with project stakeholders, Weston offered a variety of site-adapted technical solutions to provide the following critical infrastructure upgrades:

  • Construction of new sensitive compartmented information facilities (SCIFs) and upgrade of existing SCIFs to meet mission-critical requirements.
  • High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) facilities and hardness maintenance/hardness surveillance services.
  • Complex, mission-critical, Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) systems.
  • Sound attenuation, acoustic barriers, and silencers; physical security of vents, ducts, and pipes.
  • Security, access control, and integrated perimeter protection and monitoring systems.
  • Operations and security command centers design and construction; secure, mission-critical facility renovations.
  • Vehicle denial barrier systems; secure gate complexes and systems.
  • Security system commissioning, acceptance testing, and training.
  • Electrical, mechanical, and communications infrastructure improvements.

Weston has provided these facility renovations and upgrades in this logistically challenging environment, and, at the same time, allowed ongoing mission activities to continue uninterrupted. Weston project engineers evaluate existing site conditions, and in collaboration with key project stakeholders, develop engineered solutions to resolve site-specific challenges. These solutions are all vetted with facility stakeholders, and upon approval, coordinated with field construction teams for expedited implementation.

The following are examples of specific solutions:

  • Mission-critical facilities require reliable UPSs that can withstand a variety of threats, including a HEMP event. Weston coordinated with facility stakeholders and installed a government-furnished diesel generator system within an existing HEMP-protected volume. Upgrades comprised extensive mechanical, HVAC, electrical, and installation and integration of a new programmable logic controller control system. Final acceptance testing of the HEMP volume was performed to ensure the system integrity.
  • Space in secure government installation is always at a premium. In addition, the vital facility mission and the need for redundant systems mean more heat-producing equipment must be operated in smaller and smaller spaces. For these reasons, cooling is a priority infrastructure upgrade. Weston site-adapted and installed a Chilled Water Distribution System that included new chillers, piping, and a state-of-the-art control system.
“Weston Solutions did a superb job scheduling and executing their work. As a result they were able to meet significant contract milestones. Weston stayed on schedule despite customer mandated delays, frequent unforeseen challenges, and austere working environments. When the schedule slipped, not through their fault or negligence, Weston was diligent in taking the appropriate corrective action, able to identify and adjust resource requirements to staff-up or staff-down, as necessary, in order to meet the performance requirements of the contract and the expectations of all parties. They furnished updated project schedules on a timely basis and ensured their work activities were properly resourced. Weston always furnished deliverables when they said they would do it thereby allowing mission critical operations to continue.”
CPAR Rating, 1/26/15.