Air Force Base Clean, Inspect, Repair API Fuels Storage Tanks

Infrastructure Improvements - Major repairs(new tank bottom, new fixed roof, full interior, etc)

Project Overview


Weston provided out of service API 653 inspections to five US Air Force bulk storage tanks at 3 Air Force bases in NM, TX, and CA. Major repairs included installing a new tank bottom, new fixed roof, full interior and exterior coatings, and mechanical repairs. We successfully met API inspection requirements, returning these tanks back to service by organizing a highly specialized design-build team working at three geographically diverse locations, allowing the facility to make immediate use of tankage capacity, and minimizing delay of mission critical activities.; We mentored local communities and small businesses to address future repairs at these DoD facilities. No safety incident, and no critical mission interruptions occurred during the 24,000 hours of work in the field. The project was completed within schedule and budget.