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Munitions Response and Range Sustainment

Project delivery driven by leadership and innovation with an understanding of what is truly at stake

Action with accreditation

When two swimmers found a projectile in the water 20 yards off the shores of Makua Beach, Weston jumped into action. Mobilizing to perform an underwater MEC time-critical removal action is one example of the many ways we support our clients in mission readiness.

We bring a combination of experienced practical solutions and the latest advancements in metal mapping, advanced geophysical classification (AGC), and geospatial solutions to increase accuracy and reduce time to achieve quality results.

With ecological and public health at stake, our full-service capabilities, ATF license, and DoD DAGCAP accreditation for AGC mean clients can count on Weston to reduce liability and advance restoration and beneficial reuse of impacted lands. We seamlessly navigate regulatory and stakeholder concerns and drive comprehensive community engagement efforts.

The cornerstone of our success, however, is Weston’s munitions team. We are agile, innovative, and tight-knit. We are thought leaders, environmental stewards, and coworkers who choose every day to make a difference.

​​Featured Services

  • Advanced Geophysical Classification
  • Explosive Ordnance Detection and Removal
  • MEC Response Actions
  • Operational Range Clearance and Assessments
  • Small Arms Range Investigation and Remediation
  • Munitions Geospatial Solutions
  • Construction Support, Escort and Avoidance
  • Underwater Munitions Detection
  • Chemical Warfare Materiel Response
  • Munitions Constituents Sampling, Removal and Risk Assessment
  • Risk Management Methodology

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