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Multi-State Munitions Response Remedial Investigation thru Record of Decision (ROD)

Munitions Response - Analog and Digital geophysical mapping technologies

Project Overview


Weston completed Remedial Investigations (RI) through Record of Decisions (ROD) at seven Non-Department of Defense (DoD) Non-Operational Defense Sites (NDNODS) Munitions Response Sites (MRSs) covering 18,342 acres and across CA, AZ, UT, and NV historically used for military training. Collectively, our teams investigated over 5,260 anomalies, resulting in over 1,350 munitions debris items, 865 small arms ammunition items, 1,610 hot rocks/no contact anomalies, 1,430 items of non-munitions-related debris, and 1 munitions and explosive of concern (MEC). Geophysical investigations were conducted using analog and digital geophysical mapping technologies to determine the nature and extent of MEC and munitions constituents. RI field work was completed at all seven MRSs totaling 10,000+ man hours without a mishap. In compliance with US Forest Service, Native American Tribes, and Site Historic Preservation Office requirements, we provided archaeologists to protect cultural resources while performing intrusive fieldwork. The project was completed ahead of the 5-year required PoP and met all project objectives. No other contractor has achieved this unprecedented schedule acceleration. This allowed the army to fund remedial action efforts sooner and close the MRSs faster, removing environmental liability.