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Spring Valley Formerly Used Defense Site, Munitions Remedial Action

Munitions Response - Investigation and remediation work

Project Overview


Investigation and remediation work has been ongoing at a 661-acre site comprised of 90+ residential homes and an American University building, all of which was built on a site used for chemical warfare development and testing during World War. At the start of the project, Weston and the client worked with the manufacturers of a Man Portable Vector magnetometer (MPV), a hand-made technology in short supply with limited real-world experience, to adapt it for rugged conditions, solve GPS sensor issues, and develop field procedures for dense forest environment. The technology proved effective, meeting all quality control requirements. The field team worked closely with 90+ residential property owners to successfully gain access, negotiate landscape removals and restoration requirements, conduct geophysics, dig/remove targets, and corresponded with all property owners within the Spring Valley area. Weston surveyed and classified over 58,817 AGC anomalies using state-of-the-art advanced geophysical classification within the MPV coverage area and UXO Technicians conducted over 2,946 target digs and removals – thus eliminating over 55,871 (95%) of potential target digs. Weston expects to complete the Spring Valley site-wide remediation work in 2022, effectively and safely with the ultimate goal of leaving the landowners pleased, and the property fully restored.