Portland Cement Manufacturer – Hazardous Waste Combustor Comprehensive Performance Test, PA

Stack Testing & Air Quality Management - Weston performed the CPT for demonstrating compliance

Project Overview


Weston offered support to a facility that manufactures portland cement products using a dry process, preheater/precalciner pyroprocessing system. Fuels used to supply energy to the pyroprocessing system (at both the rotary kiln location and the downdraft calciner location) include fossil fuels, liquid hazardous waste-derived fuel, and other non-hazardous used fuels.

As a result of using hazardous waste as a fuel to fire the pyroprocessing system, the facility is subject to the federal NESHAP for hazardous waste combustors cited in 40 Code of Federal Regulations Part 63, Subpart EEE. Under the provisions of Subpart EEE, the facility must meet emission standards for a number of hazardous air pollutants, establish limits on certain process and control device parameters, and demonstrate initial and ongoing compliance with the standards to include a continuous monitoring systems performance evaluation and a comprehensive performance test (CPT).

Weston performed the CPT for demonstrating compliance with the Subpart EEE emission standards. Emissions of hydrogen chloride, chlorine, semivolatile metals, low-volatile metals, dioxin and furan, and particulate matter were measured during two separate operating conditions. Weston also performed testing to demonstrate the ability of the pyroprocessing system to destroy hazardous compounds at an efficiency of greater than 99.99%.

Weston was able to meet the complex testing and scheduling challenges required by this program in order for the facility to meet their environmental compliance goals and continue hazardous waste combustion in tandem with their portland cement manufacturing operations.