Market Analysis of Barge Terminal Feasibility at Former Jo-Carroll Army Ammunition Depot

Compliance & Permitting - Market analysis to determine the feasibility of a barge terminal on the Mississippi River.

Project Overview


Weston conducted a market analysis for the Jo-Carroll Depot Local Redevelopment Authority (LRA) to determine the feasibility of a barge terminal on the Mississippi River. This study included an assessment of current waterborne, rail and truck cargo flows in the study area, as well as competitive market assessment of the Jo-Carroll Depot in relation to other competing river terminals to identify potential cargo opportunities and high-priority waterborne commodities that should be pursued. The market assessment identified constraints and challenges for developing a potential barge terminal at the Jo-Carroll Depot. In addition, the analysis includes an assessment of industrial development in the region, especially the Chicago market, which profiles current market activity and the potential opportunities and challenges for the Jo-Carroll Depot to attract industrial activity. A prescriptive approach was detailed to identify and engage interested parties from the private sector. Building the terminal has the potential to fill a need in the local area that will generate revenue and create jobs. This market analysis has equipped the LRA with the information needed to determine the next steps in their pursuit to construct and operate a barge terminal on this otherwise underutilized property.