Feeder 28 Transmission Line Project, NY

To meet the electricity demand of over 1,000,000 New Yorkers, Weston successfully provided Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) inspections safely and on budget during construction associated with Feeder 28.

Weston provided field support on behalf of our confidential power utility client on the initial leg (Feeder 28) of the Ramapo to Rock Tavern transmission line project.The initial portion of the transmission line project consisted of an approximate 8-mile overhead transmission line from the Ramapo Substation located in Sloatsburgh, New York to the newly constructed Sugarloaf step-down transformer site located in Chester, New York. The new 345 kV conductor wasstrung on existing towers along an existing right-of-way. Additional construction work completed by contractors included upgrades being made at the Ramapo Substation. At the Ramapo Substation, large temporary monopoles were installed during a planned electrical outage. In the future, the overhead transmission line would be secured to these monopoles.

During the construction of the monopole bases at the Ramapo Substation, Weston’s on-site Environmental Monitor (EM) performed mandatory Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) weekly inspections, and documented that the engineering controls used on-site by the contractor were in compliance with the Environmental Management & Construction Plan (EM&CP). Our EM was a New York State Professional Engineer (NYSDEC)-certified SWPPP inspector. The final inspection reports were reviewed, signed, and stamped by theWeston NYSDEC and remained on-site for regulatory review (if requested). We documented that the on-going work activities were in compliance with the EM&CPin the daily progress report that was forwarded to the client.

All work was completed within budget and without any safety incidents.