Environmental Permitting for a Refined Products Terminal Expansion in Linden, NJ

Weston provided New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP)-approved comprehensive permitting services ensuring proper permit compliance for the expansion of a refined products terminal in an environmentally sensitive area.

Our client identified a business opportunity to expand its existing refined products terminal in Linden, NJ. As a result of the environmental sensitivity of the Linden Terminal complex, this client sought Weston’s assistance with obtaining the necessary permits through the NJDEP, county, and local authorities for the expansion project.

Weston successfully navigated the NJDEP’s Department of Land Use Regulation rules and processes to obtain a Waterfront Development Individual Permit, a Freshwater Wetlands General Permit No. 21, and a Transition Area Waiver for Redevelopment. The project included the filling of an existing impoundment originally deemed by NJDEP to be state open waters. Weston successfully crafted a position for our client that removed this impoundment from regulation as a state open water, allowing the ground surface occupied by the impoundment to be converted into dry land occupied by new tanks. Weston also successfully negotiated a transition area waiver with the NJDEP that clearly identified allowable work zones for the expansion project based on the wetlands delineation performed by Weston and on the NDJEP regulations.

Weston performed calculations for and prepared all permit applications. We also led agency negotiations and obtained permits in time to meet our client’s development schedule. Weston’s permitting services allowed our client to meet its business development commitments to put the expanded facility into service by their contractual date.