Environmental Study Support for Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Operations, North Slope, AK

Weston supports our oil and gas client to successfully navigate field operations in the Arctic administered by a variety of federal, state, and local regulatory agencies, requiring a myriad of permits that require annual biological studies and monitoring to ensure protection of the fragile environment.

Our oil and gas client has implemented a comprehensive environmental studies program, which includes biological studies (population counts for fauna and flora) to determine whether these populations are impacted by the ongoing oilfield operations in Alaska. If the wildlife populations are observed to be declining and/or stressed in some manner, the oilfield operators would be required to modify their operations to minimize these impacts on the wildlife. Timely data collection, analysis, and distribution to all stakeholders is critical to driving decisions to maintain a healthy environment. Weston has supported the program for many years. We have assumed the following specific responsibilities:

  • Attending and taking notes at the client’s bi-monthly environmental studies meeting.
  • Producing and distributing the biological studies reports to the various regulatory agencies (Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, EPA, and Alaska Department of Natural Resources and disseminating reports, contacting outside clients, and updating the internal, electronic document libraries.
  • Attending and assisting with organization of multi-agency meetings concerning environmental studies, remediation, and rehabilitation projects.
  • Researching and tracking proposed regulatory changes that may impact operations.
  • Tracking scientific initiatives relative to Arctic research and project development.

Weston’s personnel are an integral part of the client’s environmental team; we work closely with permit subject matter experts, field personnel, and operations to coordinate and document the biological studies that are performed annually.

Our personnel are highly respected by our client in Alaska client because of Weston’s proven ability to work closely with all stakeholders in the multifaceted program.  Patience and understanding are required to obtain the appropriate information initially and prepare written tasks detailed sufficiently for field teams to understand and implement.  This project further exemplifies our ability to identify client needs and assign the appropriate resource for every project.