EMIS Program Implementation for Fort Hood, TX

Project Overview


Weston designed and developed an EMIS known as the Facility Inspection and Inventory Standardization Tool (FIIST). This unique technology solution enabled Fort Hood Directorate of Public Works Environmental (DPW-ENV) division administrators to collect and organize data into the Fort Hood DPW-ENV database and GIS mapping systems while streamlining environmental compliance processes at the installation.

Located in central Texas near Killeen, Fort Hood is the world’s largest armored training installation, encompassing approximately 340 square miles. Fort Hood has 220 square miles of training area and is home to the 1st Cavalry Division and the 4th Infantry Division. The Fort Hood DPW-ENV division is responsible for managing environmental programs at Fort Hood and associated training areas.

The FIIST provided a single EMIS interface to electronically collect, manage, display, and view compliance data. It consisted of several applications that tracked environmental compliance data, including, but not limited to, industrial wastewater pretreatment, multi-sector general permit(s), sanitary sewer overflows, construction general permit (stormwater), Texas Pollution Discharge Elimination System sites, and air program support. Documents marked as “public” could be viewed on a public website.

Data was obtained from Fort Hood and added to the database and GIS. PDA applications were developed to facilitate and standardize data collection in the field and synchronized to a central server that viewable from a secure, password-protected web portal. This secure web portal generated reports, tracked program status based on environmental data gathered for state reporting requirements, and provided visual map displays of site locations and status. All data could be entered and edited on the web as well as collected in the field with the use of PDAs or tablet PCs. Administrators had greater access to data for staff-limited liability during staff turnover. A total of eight environmental compliance modules were developed as well as a custom query module and a map view module.

Weston provided Fort Hood unique technology solutions developed to streamline the environmental compliance processes for the DPW-ENV. The FIIST application added value to Fort Hood by reducing the amount of effort expended to compile and analyze data required for state environmental compliance reporting. Additional benefits were the secure web interface, geographical display of data using an enterprise GIS, and automated field data collection, reducing transcription time and errors.