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EHS Services For Longstanding Pharmaceutical Manufacturer, PA

Project Overview


Weston has been supporting our valued confidential pharmaceutical client for over 10 years with comprehensive EHS compliance services, environmental remediation, and infrastructure support services. EHS compliance services have included environmental permitting, auditing, industrial hygiene assessments and monitoring, air testing, and site assessments. We have also provided the following infrastructure support services: engineering design, construction oversight and operations support for water and wastewater systems, boiler upgrades, tank farm decommissioning and reconstruction, natural gas systems (including fuel switchovers), and building decommissioning and upgrades. Remediation services have covered mitigation of spills, cleanup of impacted soils and a landfill, and addressing other areas of concern during site development activities.

Design and permitting of the new wastewater treatment facility and water reuse system allowed the client to expand on-site manufacturing capabilities without waiting for regional wastewater treatment availability. Weston provided the detailed design and permitting for the delivery and combustion of natural gas. The switch to natural gas from fuel oil has greatly reduced operating costs, the release of air pollutants, and even public risks as a result of the reduction of bulk fuel delivery vehicles on the roadways. We were instrumental in the characterization, delineation, and remediation of an on-site landfill that was over 100 years old. Remediation of this landfill allowed our client to expand on-site manufacturing capabilities to more than double vaccine production. Other services provided include: air testing and permitting services for all regulated sources at the site; water and wastewater permitting for all discharges; toxicity evaluations, analytical method development, treatability and pilot testing and regulatory negotiation support for adding new chemicals to manufacturing and utility processes to improve yield and performance; regulatory reporting under state and federal regulations, including Annual Emissions Statement reports, Plantwide Applicability Limit reporting, biennial hazardous and residual waste reporting, and toxic release inventory. Weston has been able to provide development and management of an environmental data management system for ease of annual reporting. Utilizing one tool for data storage has allowed for minimal effort preparing and submitting state and federal reports. Health services provided include: IH evaluation of tasks where hazardous chemicals are used, development and continued maintenance of a database of all IH assessments, and inventory of site tasks and risk-ranking of each task. Acting as an extension of our client’s EHS department, we have provided the expertise and manpower to conduct chemical exposure monitoring to ascertain and document compliance with OSHA limits and corporate standards.