Superfund Site in Southern NJ

Weston is the primary environmental consultant for a large and complex CERCLA site in southern NJ encompassing over 2 miles of residential, commercial and government-owned properties. Weston completed the Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study (RI/FS) to determine the horizontal and vertical extent of metals in soil, sediment, surface water, pore water and groundwater; and evaluate potential remedies. Weston also prepared the remedial design (RD) and provided construction oversight for the remedial action (RA) in one of the operable units (OUs). Weston continues to provide RI/FS, RA, RD consulting services on this project.

Our client is working with the EPA to ensure that the remedy selection and implementation process for a property in southern NJ accomplishes these key objectives: 1) implement a remediation program that is protective of human health and the environment as quickly as the process allows; 2) addresses EPA’s criteria for remedy selection, including both short-term and long-term effectiveness and permanence of the cleanup; 3) complies with applicable laws and regulations; and 4) is respectful of community concerns and stakeholder input.

Since 1995, Weston has served as one of the primary consultants at this site providing strategic technical management, regulatory management, risk management, and field management. Weston developed a Total Data Management SystemSM (TDMS) to manage the entire data set for this project that includes over 10,000 data points. TDMS is a user-friendly query system with filter searches that can accessed by EPA, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, our client to obtain all available data with a simple query request. Weston also developed FieldFastSM, a proprietary field data management system that seamlessly manages field samples, generates sample labels, completes chain of custody records, and communicates directly with the analytical laboratory. FieldFast allows the Weston field team to collect and document thousands of samples efficiently.

The community involvement and outreach for this project is an integral part of the project and Weston partners with our client to implement the community relations outreach efforts. These outreach efforts are crucial to maintaining support from affected third-party property owners to continue the project momentum.

In December of 2016, Weston provided construction management oversight for the remediation of eight residential properties. This remediation phase entailed the excavation of 3,136 tons of soil containing PAHs, arsenic, and/or lead. The properties were restored to as-like conditions, and the remedial action report was submitted to the EPA. For 2017, the residential OU is focused on obtaining access to approximately 54 residential properties for the purpose of investigation, delineation, and remedial design. Remediation on the remaining residential properties is anticipated to commence in 2018 and may take over a year to complete. The Record of Decision (ROD) was issued for this OU in 2016; currently, it’s in the remedial design phase. The remaining OUs are a burn site, former manufacturing plant, waterbodies, and groundwater. The EPA anticipates issuing one ROD per year on the remaining OUs.