LANL TRU Consulting, NM

For over 12 years, Weston has provided programmatic, technical, and QA/QC expertise to the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) transuranic waste (TRU) program, including the TRU generated at the Plutonium Facility.

Weston prepared and updated acceptable knowledge process reports for chloride, nitrate, special processes, pyrochemical, miscellaneous, metal, and Pu-238 operations at the Plutonium Facility at LANL. These reports are essential for characterization and final certification of TRU to be eligible for disposal at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant. These waste disposal activities involve assembling, reviewing, and documenting characterization and packaging information; reviewing hundreds of plans and procedures; updating reports and identifying radiological and hazardous constituents; and identifying potential acids and oxidizers. Weston has provided this support to LANL since 2005 under three different contracts.

Since 2010, Weston has provided acceptable knowledge expertise for a joint project between LANL and Sandia National Laboratories/New Mexico (SNL/NM). Our team’s support of the joint project between LANL and SNL/NM is unique as a result of the many years of experience we have serving both TRU programs. Weston personnel have a familiarity with both programs and the associated personnel, which facilitates straightforward and timely communication.