Unexploded Ordnance Clearance in the North Helena Valley for the Montana Army National Guard, MT

Weston successfully performed clearance work for former military target practice areas that have left a legacy of unexploded ordnance (UXO) in the North Helena Valley area of Montana.

Weston was selected by the Montana Army National Guard to perform former military range clearance work in the north end of the Helena Valley. We cleared over 2,000 acres of land that had UXO and scrap metal left over from years of military target practice. Some parts of the north Helena Valley now have homes and other buildings constructed, and large parcels are still used as ranch land for cattle grazing.

Weston often worked in difficult conditions, such as extreme weather, rough terrain, and heavy vegetation. In addition, Weston coordinated closely with multiple stakeholders and property owners to ensure a successful program with no injuries to our staff or landowners. Staff utilized Weston’s RespondFastSM UXO data management system with ruggedized GPS-equipped personal data assistants (PDAs) and ATV-towed equipment to perform clearance work and manage all project data. Any UXO found being turned into munitions debris (MD) and materials documented as safe (MDAS) resulting in over 17,354 pounds of MD/MDAS being removed from the area. Weston also created and hosted a website that was updated weekly to allow both the client and the public to view project progress.

This successful project allowed the Montana Army National Guard to protect the public from potential dangers of UXO and minimize the risk to human health and the environment.