Industrial Wastewater Treatment Engineering, Construction, and Compliance Assurance, PA

Weston provided turnkey services to our manufacturing client to improve wastewater quality, significantly reduce energy costs, and enhance operational flexibility of 260 gallons per minute-capacity wastewater treatment facility.
Water Engineering and Management - Studied the existing facility and wastewater streams.

Project Overview


Our manufacturing client generates a variety of organic and inorganic wastewater streams at varying rates and strengths. The existing on-site wastewater treatment facility employed an energy-intensive ozonation disinfection system and had limited means to address influent pH fluctuations. Our client’s objective for this wastewater treatment system was to decrease energy consumption, increase the ability of the system to handle pH fluctuations, and maintain operational flexibility across a wide range of influent conditions.

Weston assembled a multidisciplinary project team to meet their needs. This team accomplished the following work:

  • Studied the existing facility and wastewater streams.
  • Developed alternatives to address the client’s goals of reduced energy usage, improved operational flexibility, enhanced treatment capabilities, and compliance assurance with respect to treated effluent discharge limits.
  • Designed a low-energy-intensive UV light disinfection system to replace the high-energy-intensive ozonation system. P
  • repared all necessary construction documents.
  • Provided permitting assistance; achieved an expedited agency review by Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP).
  • Managed all aspects of construction.
  • Made several other associated upgrades, including a new grinder, refurbishing of equalization basins, and new aerators.
  • Completed start-up, commissioning, and operator training activities.