Hurricane Response at Multiple Sites in Texas, Louisiana, the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and New Jersey

Information Management - Respondes to many hurricanes and tropical storms

Project Overview


Weston has responded to many hurricanes and tropical storms under our START contracts including Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Ike, Irma, Maria, Harvey, Super Storm Sandy, and Typhoon Yutu. We have provided support for activities including post storm rapid needs assessment of hurricane impacted areas, orphan container assessments and recovery, drinking water and wastewater facility assessments, and oil and hazardous materials spill assessments and removals. Weston utilizes geospatially based enterprise data management tools and sophisticated workflows to support response operations. Our 18 years of experience using these tools and procedures adds efficiency to hurricane response efforts by streamlining the ordering and deployment of resources and the collection and management of vast amounts of operational and environmental data. Our enterprise data management systems allow our clients, other responding agencies, and stakeholders to maintain real time situational awareness of response progress that streamlines the overall planning process. The result is a more efficient response effort that saves the government time and money, and helps the impacted communities recover more quickly.