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Bullseye Glass Ambient Air Monitoring

Information Management - Air Quality Monitoring Program

Project Overview


Residents of Southeast Portland sued Bullseye Glass Co. (“Bullseye”), alleging that heavy metal emissions from Bullseye’s production processes contaminated the air in their neighborhood and their properties. As part of a settlement agreement, it was agreed that a neighborhood air monitoring program would be used to document long-term air quality in the Southeast Portland neighborhood. As an independent engineering firm, Weston was approved by the Court to conduct a 2-year air quality monitoring program. We assembled a multi-disciplined team of air quality experts from our Emission Testing Group as well as visual technology experts from our Enterprise Visualization and Analytics Group. We established four monitoring locations within a 0.75 mile radius of Bullseye in addition to the two monitoring locations on the Bullseye property. All six locations were outfitted with custom air monitoring and sampling instrumentation to collect concentration data for particulate matter, black carbon, hexavalent chromium, chromium, cadmium, arsenic, lead, manganese, and selenium. To publicize the air monitoring data to the local Portland community, Weston regularly summarizes and posts the data in near real time using enterprise technology, specifically Esri ArcGIS Story Map and ArcGIS Operations Dashboard, to create data-driven web pages, complete with snapshot views. As a result, the local Portland community receives professionally collected, independently generated data that are rapidly and transparently displayed. Additionally, at the end of the monitoring program, Weston’s air monitoring equipment will be donated to the local community.