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Boomerang Employees

“Boomerang employee-owner” is a well-known term internally—a concept we’ve embraced and that often feels unique to Weston. You’ll even hear it used as a verb: “I boomeranged.” 

Our proud population of boomerang team members are former employee-owners who’ve returned to our firm.

They returned to our warm and supportive culture; to high-performing teams based on trust; and to dream even bigger, knowing they aren’t just a number or a name on a list. They returned because our people see the direct impact of their work and contributions to the company they own and their roles in the big picture that make a real difference for our clients, our communities, and our planet.

Meet Maggie, Danielle, Thomas, and Tara; enjoy their stories; and welcome them (again).

Maggie Graham

“Coming back to Weston feels like I’ve come home again. From the day I first joined in 2004, Weston has given me amazing opportunities and allowed me to evolve and work in some wonderful, unique places, and on truly exciting projects.”

Maggie returned to Weston to step into the role of Client Program Manager in the Federal West Region. In this position, she manages large industrial programs in Alaska, Texas, Hawaii, and the Rocky Mountains. We’re thrilled to welcome Maggie back to continue a successful career working in the environmental consulting industry for 22 years. She supports oil and gas clients in Houston, Texas and the US EPA with emergency response, and remediation project management and site assessments, including deployment to New Orleans to support water treatment assessments, hazardous debris removal, and air sampling following Hurricane Katrina for hazardous waste and emergency response work for Hurricanes Harvey, Maria, and Irma in Texas, Puerto Rico, and Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. From 2018 to 2022, she managed an oil and gas remediation program in Colorado where she oversaw a team of scientists who helped solve their client’s complex legacy contamination issues in the Denver-Julesburg Basin. In this role, she closed over 300 well sites in compliance with the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission Series 900 Rules pertaining to Environmental Impact Prevention. Maggie is also a demonstrated leader in permitting, compliance, groundwater monitoring programs, agency interactions, client relationships, cost estimating, risk mitigation, and site rehabilitation.  She says, “I love what I do and feel fortunate that I found a career in a field that I can be passionate about every day.”

She also enjoys life outside of work, sharing: “I’m a wife and Mom to three kids. We moved out of the city to live in the country in 2020. My favorite hobbies include taking care of my chickens, gardening, skiing, and riding my Peloton. My goal is to have a barn with horses and goats within the next 3 years.”

Maggie has a BS in Environmental Science and Human Ecology, with a minor in Business Administration from Regis University.

Danielle Sheheen, PG

“I truly feel like Weston is my family, after starting my career as an intern and working for Weston for 15 years, coming back feels like I am right where I am supposed to be!”

Danielle returned to Weston to step into the role of Project Manager and says, “I am looking forward to a challenge and successfully managing more complex projects.”

Danielle is a Professional Geologist with over 20 years’ experience in project management and environmental consulting. Danielle started with Weston as an intern while in graduate school at Georgia State University in Atlanta, and then transitioned to full-time in 2000. 

In roles such as Deputy Program Manager and Quality Assurance Manager for USACE Mobile Contracts, Danielle has managed multiple industrial and government projects including remediation projects, site investigations, assessments, and long-term monitoring under CERCLA/RCRA and numerous projects under DoD, and multiple state regulatory agencies. She has worked on a range of projects at petroleum, chemical, manufacturing, and landfill facilities, many with complex settings including fine-grained soils, sediments, and fractured bedrock. Her technical capabilities and experience include hydrogeological and geological investigations, covering groundwater flow and contaminant modeling and mapping; groundwater, sediment, soil, and air sampling; surface geophysical investigations; remedial actions; analytical data evaluations; and solid waste system evaluations; and complex vapor intrusion investigations and remediation in residential and commercial settings.

Outside of work, Danielle loves “home decorating and DIYs; it’s a passion that fuels my creative side! I am a mom to two teenage boys, and my third “baby” is my Goldendoodle Ollie who was a pandemic puppy.”

She is a licensed Professional Geologist in Alabama. Danielle has a BS in Geology from the University of South Carolina and an MS in Hydrogeology from Georgia State University.

Thomas Woolard

“I am happy to be back with Weston. It was a tough decision to leave after 3 years in 2021. I met and worked with many good people. Program Manager Mark Starnes and Project Manager Matt Altekruse are professionals I have the utmost respect and admiration for. These two are one of the reasons I returned. I was at Weston when the AF8, AF9, and South Atlantic Division contracts were awarded. I am thrilled to see where the Weston Recurring Maintenance and Minor Repair (RMMR) venture is today and look forward to supporting its certain growth into the future.”

Thomas returned to Weston to step into the role of Lakes Region Division (LRD) Task Order Safety Manager. LRD covers Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana; it’s the largest footprint of the current RMMR contracts. He works alongside other Task Order Safety Managers to ensure safety compliance. Thomas looks forward to sharing his safety expertise based on rules governed by OSHA and USACE Safety Guidelines.

Thomas has 22 years of experience with fuels systems serving the U.S. Air Force, including 7 years dedicated to the USACE. He is skilled in fuels automation providing installation and technical training and has provided support to 800 Defense Logistics Agency bases worldwide. His project management and technical capabilities include bringing new RMMR locations on-line, quality audits of RMMR work, safety compliance, service order repair process for RMMR, and more. He also has 18 years’ experience with extensive and specialized computer hardware background, including installation and maintenance of DoD operating systems. He says, “as an Air Force Veteran, I am happy to do my little part to support our military and my fellow brothers and sisters who are and have been part of the military family.”

In his free time, Thomas enjoys riding his motorcycle with friends for a day trip or a weekend, cooking, snowboarding, and hiking.

Tara Lambert

“I love the people and how they motivate me! There is a positive energy that I get from working with all the teams that I have encountered over the years at Weston.”

Tara returned to Weston to step into the role of Senior Project Scientist. She assists in critical data quality control, data upload, and client reports for our National Accounts.

Tara brings over 20 years experience’ in data validation and sample coordination on numerous national EPA emergency response efforts and several of our Regional contracts. For example, she performed data validation, and technical and final reviews of over 500 inorganic and organic data validation reports for a confidential client in accordance with the National Functional Guidelines. On the Gold King Mine Spill Emergency Response, she performed data validation for EPA Regions 6, 8, and 9, including initial data validation for 17 reports that required 24-hour turn-around time and 24 quality assurance reviews. Tara was also Sample Coordinator and Data Validator for EPA Region 2 RST, Hurricanes Maria and Irma Emergency Response in Puerto Rico in 2017. She is skilled in coordinating sampling efforts and laboratory processes and data management, as well as technical, editorial, and final reviews of validation reports.

She loves gardening and the beach, adding “I enjoy continuously learning about the natural environments wherever I am. On my long beach walks, I glean everything I can about the coast!”

Tara has a BS in Environmental Studies with Terrestrial Concentration from University of Maine at Machias.

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