Radiological Investigations, NY

On-call radiological services for power utility client to monitor and collect samples for analyses to characterize and determine potential exposure to workers.

Weston holds an on-call radiological services contract to perform the screening/monitoring and collection of representative soil, sediment and/or water samples for testing for a variety of radiological contaminants to determine the potential exposure to individual workers. The data generated from these individual assignments allows our client to evaluate, and, if necessary, modify the engineering controls and personal protective equipment (PPE) currently being utilized to protect each worker from potential exposure.

Weston has held this contract with this confidential power utility client since 2007. We have monitored work locations (transformer vaults, future utility corridors, manholes) by using screening methods prior to and during power utility employee work activities. The data generated is compared to background levels established each day at an adjacent off-site location. In the event that screening values are elevated, we collect representative samples of soil, sediment, groundwater and/or surface water for radiological testing. For future construction conditions where workers may be exposed to radiological contamination at depth (utility trench and/or transformer pit), Weston collects representative soil using Geoprobe® and/or water samples through temporary well points. The analytical data generated is then compared to established regulatory values. During some investigations, samples are also collected and tested to support future waste handling and off-site transportation and disposal.

Following each assignment, Weston prepares a report that outlines the scope of work, data generated, and findings on the potential radiological exposure to the workers. Weston also provides key recommendations on mitigating any potential exposure pathways through the use of PPE and work zone monitoring requirements for the workers during implementation of work activities/construction.