We draw on decades of remediation experience to develop compliant and permanent remediation solutions with unparalleled efficiency, effectiveness, and confidence that our clients seek from their trusted service provider.

Weston works to understand our client’s business objectives around preserving and protecting the environment, and managing liabilities associated with current and historic environmental contamination. Weston has delivered on average 2,500 sustainable and permanent projects annually for clients in need of complex environmental solutions in sediments, groundwater, soil, surface water, air, and waste disposal sites by applying deep expertise in RCRA, TSCA, CERCLA and state regulations. Whether serving industry, utilities, and commercial clients or local, state and federal clients, our focus is on meeting our client’s business objectives, minimizing client’s risks, reducing cost impact, and protecting assets.READ MORE


We serve our clients in any part of their service need whether to assess the property for baseline conditions in a merger, address hot spot cleanups resulting from spills, assess risk associated with environmental impairment, consolidate data within information tools to make better decisions on a site or the full portfolio of sites in an environmental reserve, assess a client’s entire liability portfolio, or to manage the remediation efforts across the suite of affected sites. READ MORE


We assemble our project teams to include engineers, scientists, health and safety specialists, industrial hygienists, construction managers, treatment system operations specialists, and technicians focused on optimization, reducing lifecycle costs, and bringing the most challenging sites to permanent closure. Many of Weston professionals in this area are industry-recognized subject matter experts specialized in environmental permitting, PCBs, emerging contaminants, regulatory compliance, and waste characterization and disposal. Weston remediation project teams are skilled in leveraging our capabilities and experience to effectively manage both individual cleanup projects and multi-site remediation programs. READ MORE


Weston provides the following hazardous and toxic remediation services for soil, sediment, groundwater and surface water:

  • Environmental planning and permitting
  • Compliance and operating plans for remediation solutions
  • Assessment, investigation and alternatives analysis
  • Human health and ecological risk assessments
  • Remedial design and construction, system optimization, and operation of remediation technologies and water treatment systems
  • Health and safety monitoring, hazard analysis and identification
  • Emerging contaminants assessment through remediation
  • Hazmat emergency response and toxic waste management
  • Building toxics – evaluation of the presence, condition and waste quantities
  • Hazardous waste and asbestos testing, abatement and remediation
  • Facility decommissioning, remediation and closure
  • GIS and data management support applications
  • Green infrastructure-remediation/restoration