Fraud Blocker Phase I PFAS RI – Weston Solutions


Project Overview

Investigation and Remediation of PFAS


Weston is currently conducting CERCLA Phase I Remedial Investigations at 21 PFAS sites on all three facilities at JB MDL (McGuire AFB, Fort Dix, and Lakehurst Naval Engineering Center). The intent of the RI is to characterize the nature and extent of PFAS contamination resulting from former fire training and maintenance activities affecting soil, groundwater, surface water, and sediment on- and off-base. Over 150 samples were collected in 3 days along the runway without impacting Air Force air operations. To reduce the number of new wells being installed and to minimize impacts to the JB MDL mission, our team used existing monitoring wells to the extent practicable and used our in-house UXO technicians to provide on-site UXO escort support and UXO avoidance (including down-hole magnetometry) in potential UXO areas, which improves our 4-6 person field teams’ flexibility to access these areas and minimize mission impacts.

To date, Weston has advanced 400+ DPT soil borings and 260+ DPT groundwater screening borings. Successful implementation of our PFAS-specific sampling SOPs prevented cross-contamination while collecting 2,100+ soil/groundwater samples. Weston is monitoring groundwater at 140+ existing wells to provide data necessary to characterize potentially co-mingled PFAS groundwater plumes. We conduct daily field inspections to maintain project schedule and QC, and perform quality audits during field activities. Liquid IDW will be treated onsite through a GAC treatment system to reduce off-site disposal of IDW.

In addition to facilitating project status updates, Weston also uses our Geospatial viewer to adapt to the dynamic and complex regulatory environment of PFAS. Currently, we are performing Stage II groundwater step-out sampling, planning to install soil pore water lysimeters at all 21 soil source areas, and planning to install new monitoring wells along the PFAS groundwater contamination plumes. The completion of the Phase I RI will provide JB MDL critical information needed to proceed with human and ecological risk assessments and to conduct critical removal and/or remediation activities to address PFAS contamination in the environment around the facilities.