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Off-Base Drinking Water PFAS Survey and Mitigation

Project Overview

Investigation and Remediation of PFAS


As part of the U.S. Air Force’s proactive policy on managing PFAS (including PFOS/PFOA) through CERCLA investigation, a number of ANG installations have undergone Preliminary Assessments, to identify potential release locations where Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) was potentially used, stored, or released; and Site Inspections, to determine the presence or absence of PFAS in groundwater where PFAS could pose a potential risk to receptors. In adherence to this strategy, Weston conducted an off-site drinking water well inventory at seven ANG locations to identify near-installation private and public wells potentially impacted by PFAS. Of the seven located that were subject to desktop well surveys, only one location was identified for further action. Weston is preparing resident surveys and sampling at that one ANG site, which had downgradient wells within 1 mile, to determine well usage and if PFAS are present.

USACE later awarded Weston with an additional site, where over 200 drinking water wells located downgradient from the ANG facility were identified under a previous contract as having elevated PFAS concentrations. Weston coordinated with the previous contractor to ensure that the 10 residents at this additional site experienced a seamless transition and continued to receive bottled water delivery twice a month while more permanent mitigation measures were being implemented. Nine properties have since been connected to the public water supply, while one resident is contemplating a point of entry treatment (POET) system.   Weston will carry out additional sampling as necessary if a) new wells are identified and/or b) it is required as the result of performance monitoring of the residential POET system.

We have upheld good communication practices with the public, providing residents with detailed information about their sampling results, mitigation choices, and bottled water scheduling. We have completed and implemented a Community Relations Plan to guide the dissemination of information to the public, such as the historical use of AFFF at the ANG location and its risks, a general overview of how PFAS compounds may migrate in groundwater, and sources of additional information and points of contact. Weston’s mitigation responses of bottled water delivery, POET system installation, and public water hookup have met the client’s goal of proactive protection of the public by providing safe drinking water alternatives.