Groundwater Control and Remediation at Maryland Manufacturing Facility

Market - Industrial, Manufacturing - Groundwater Control and Remediation at Maryland Manufacturing Facility

Project Overview



Since 1992, Weston has been providing remediation and O&M services at a 147-acre manufacturing facility where chlorinated volatile organic compounds (VOCs) were detected in the groundwater above acceptable limits in the 1980s as a result of historical operations. Weston designed and constructed a large-scale groundwater remediation system to prevent the offsite movement of chlorinated VOCs, which has the potential to affect the groundwater to adjacent properties and a nearby potable water supply for the Town of Hampstead, MD. The groundwater treatment system extracts and treats up to 8 million gallons of groundwater affected by residual contaminants trapped in shallow bedrock fractures every month through the use of a large-scale air stripper system. Some of the treated groundwater is used within the facility for process cooling water and for potable water. Since 1994, the groundwater extraction and treatment system has removed over 6,700 pounds of chlorinated VOCs from the groundwater and maintains hydraulic control beneath the facility. Weston continues to perform all compliance monitoring; system O&M including periodic repairs and upgrades and associated reporting over the operating time frame; and maintains full compliance with requirements and containment of the groundwater contaminants.