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Weston wins Phase II Prime Agreement Contract for Illinois Department of Transportation 

West Chester, PA (September 1, 2023)—Weston Solutions, Inc. (Weston) wins the Phase II Prime Agreement Contract for Consultant Engineering Services for Illinois Department of Transportation, District One with a 5 year period of performance and a value of $6 million. 

Under this contract, Weston will work in northeast Illinois, including the counties surrounding Chicago and within IDOT’s District One footprint. In Phase II, we will evaluate the subsurface materials along existing and proposed roadway alignments to ensure that they are properly managed during roadway construction. Our reports will identify precautions construction workers need to take and areas where HAZWOPER training and additional monitoring are required.  

Weston’s thirteenth consecutive IDOT contract is a testament to the strong partnership and synergy we have shared for over 30 years. This partnership is based on a shared commitment to excellence, innovation, and safety. 

Each contract win is special to me on a personal level and is a validation that Weston is providing top-notch services to IDOT on a consistent basis. This is made possible by our Weston and subconsultant team of employees who know the client and their strict expectations. The effort and dedication to the client by every individual involved is what has made this team a proven success for the past 3 decades, the foreseeable future, and beyond.” states Weston’s Program Manager, Andris Slesers. 

About Weston Solutions 

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