Tech Town (Former Automotive Company Property) Remediation / Redevelopment, OH

Weston is providing comprehensive environmental consulting to the City of Dayton, OH in our work facilitating beneficial remediation and economic redevelopment of the former automotive property and adding economic value for all stakeholders.

Prior to the automotive company’s bankruptcy, the Tech Town site was undergoing RCRA Performance-Based Cleanup through a voluntary agreement. Weston had been working with the City of Dayton, automotive industry client, EPA, and Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA) to facilitate an approach complementary to both RCRA and the Ohio Voluntary Action Program (VAP). After the automotive company’s bankruptcy and withdrawal from RCRA Corrective Action, Weston continued to advise the City of Dayton on potential courses of action and assisted in seeking state and federal assistance. EPA agreed to defer regulatory oversight of the site remediation to the State of Ohio for completion under the Ohio VAP-RCRA-Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) track. Weston continues to support the City of Dayton in achieving No Further Action for the site under the VAP to facilitate property redevelopment.

Our team has helped navigate the National Environmental Policy Act process in response to federal funding provided to the project. An asbestos survey, preparing asbestos abatement and demolition specifications and providing oversight of abatement and demolition activities, was completed as well as Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments, Risk Assessments, Remedial Action Plan development, and implementation during various project phases. Successful implementation of project activities involved completing waste characterization of suspect environmental media identified during demolition, assisting in remediating contamination, and conducting verification sampling.

Toxic Substances Control Act PCB removal actions through risk-based cleanup approaches were planned and implemented in conjunction with consultation on various aspects of the infrastructure and building construction projects: geothermal well design, National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System monitoring, vapor intrusion (VI) mitigation system, and infrastructure placement.

Recent updates to OEPA regulations required Weston to develop an approach to also address VI concerns. Weston’s continued support to the City of Dayton is resulting in ongoing property redevelopment projects with the added benefit of increasing employment opportunities and revenues for all stakeholders.