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O&M for a Groundwater Extraction and Treatment System, CT

Project Overview


Weston has been conducting comprehensive operation and maintenance (O&M) services at the Solvents Recovery Service of New England Superfund site for over 12 years. Weston was contracted by the potentially responsible party group to evaluate the treatment system components and implement upgrades that enhanced long-term operations. The treatment system operating run time and reliability have significantly improved since Weston was contracted for O&M services.

Weston engineers and operations specialists assessed the performance of the treatment system holistically and by evaluating aging process equipment and systems. Recommendations were made to alter or adjust process equipment and mechanical or instrumentation systems. A preventive maintenance program was used to forecast equipment maintenance and repairs, which led to more efficient and cost-effective operations and less downtime. Our proactive O&M approach also considered sustainability objectives, by way of reducing energy demand and chemical use, minimizing waste generation, and upgrading control systems. Weston has provided responsive O&M services and operational enhancements that have delivered cost savings and improved long-term compliance with applicable discharge standards.