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Gate System Repairs at Stillhouse Hollow Lake Dam, TX

Project Overview


When operation of an aging lake level control system and leaking sluiceway gates at the Stillhouse Hollow Lake Dam, Texas had become unreliable, Weston performed time-critical repairs. The sluiceway gate system is located 180 feet below the top of a Water Control Structure at Stillhouse Dam. Hydraulic control for the water levels in Stillhouse Hollow Lake is provided by the water control structure gates and an emergency spillway. Our team installed a temporary bulkhead in front of each sluiceway, alternating repair/replacement of the components for each set of the two sluiceway gates, approach allowing USACE to control water levels in the lake during the repairs. Design elements included design and fabrication of the system components to be replaced. Weston replaced the four existing water control gates and the associated hydraulic power unit system components, and refurbished the hydraulic cylinders and pistons used to operate the gates, to achieve operational improvements and increased reliability.