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DLA Energy Petroleum Facilities Maintenance and Minor/Emergency Repairs Program

Project Overview


Weston provides recurring maintenance and minor and emergency repair services on Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) capitalized fueling systems at more than 105 active DoD installations. The recurring maintenance and minor repairs provided ensure the end user has reliable fueling systems to provide clean fuel for aircraft and ground vehicles.

Repairs have included, but are not limited to, repairing leaking flanged connections; troubleshooting and repairing dispensers; replacing worn hoses; repairing containment joints and concrete; repairing swivels; replacing broken pressure gauges, leaking containment valves, leaking ball valves, and broken hose troughs. Furthermore, we have also successfully provided these maintenance and repair services: repair and replacement of coatings; repairing control valves and leaking deadman controls; replacing incorrect anti-siphon valves; cleaning tank and piping exteriors to prevent coating failure; pressure testing of piping; replacing filter elements; repairing differential pressure gauges, mechanical tape gauge, eyewash station, and pump mechanical seals; electrical troubleshooting and repair; and performing coating condition surveys.

Weston’s fuels emergency response team has returned non-operational dispensing systems and receipt systems back into service within 24 hours of notification, minimizing the impact of a system outage. Using our technically proficient fuels technicians, efficient communication with base fuels personnel, and quality assurance evaluators to develop scopes of work for service orders for government approval, Weston identifies deficiencies during recurring maintenance visits and performs much needed repairs.

In consideration of stewardship of government funds, Weston diligently combines service order mobilizations when possible to minimize field overhead and reduce the overall cost to the government.