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Construction/O&M of a Groundwater Remediation Facility, NH

Project Overview


Weston constructed, commissioned, and is currently operating a highly sophisticated 130-gallons per minute (gpm) groundwater treatment system at the Beede Waste Oil Superfund site. The objective of the system is to contain and treat a groundwater plume contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents, 1,4-dioxane, and arsenic. The system is also used by Weston to treat groundwater generated by an in situ thermal treatment system operated at the Beede site.

Cleanup of the Beede site is being led by a potentially responsible party (PRP) group. We have worked closely with the PRP group, project engineer, and thermal treatment contractor to optimize all aspects of groundwater treatment operations. The key processes in the groundwater treatment system are microfiltration for removal of metals and advanced oxidation (using ozone and hydrogen peroxide) for destruction of organic contaminants. Additional pretreatment processes have been designed and implemented for treatment of the water generated by the in situ thermal treatment system.

The significant benefits provided by Weston for this project are as follows:

  • Expedited and high-quality construction of a complex groundwater treatment system.
  • Rapid procurement of process equipment and preparation of submittals to ensure proper integration of all system components and prevent schedule delays.
  • Efficiently sequenced construction, including the 7,500 square foot treatment systems building, 3000 linear feet (LF) of subsurface piping, rapid infiltration basis (for the recharge of system effluent), delivery of process equipment, and all mechanical, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and controls work.
  • Startup and troubleshooting of all treatment process equipment, including the microfiltration system and an advanced oxidation process. Weston ensured proper integration of all system components to provide effective and reliable operations.
  • Extensive supplemental assistance to the design and operation of the in situ thermal treatment system at the Beede site. Our support efforts comprised assistance with the design of the supplemental pretreatment process, optimizing process chemistry to maximize removal of petroleum hydrocarbons and arsenic, and construction of 2500 LF of interconnecting pipelines between the groundwater treatment system and the thermal treatment system.
  • Weston has provided continuous, reliable, and cost-effective operations of the 130-gpm groundwater treatment system since the startup period. In addition to reliable and effective operations, our team has enforced all equipment warrantees and performed extensive monitoring of the treatment system to optimize each unit process and verify compliance with the discharge criteria.