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Weston Empowering Women in Technology through TechWomen Program

West Chester, PA (November 8, 2023)— Weston Solutions, Inc. (Weston) is grateful to announce our participation in the TechWomen Program, mentoring two impressive women: Barno Isamiddinova of Uzbekistan and Imen Hbiri of Tunisia.

The TechWomen Program ( is a dynamic initiative that connects experienced professionals in the tech industry with female Emerging Leaders from 21 countries around the world. This program, implemented by the Institute of International Education on behalf of the U.S. State Department, aims to empower emerging leaders to positively impact their communities, foster cultural exchange and person-to-person diplomacy, and support collaboration among women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

Professional mentors, who are influential figures in their respective fields, offer guidance, support, and knowledge-sharing to their mentees during a 5-week mentorship program. These mentors play a crucial role in helping the next generation of female leaders navigate the tech industry, develop valuable skills, and build international networks that can help them be successful.

Weston is honored to have been an official sponsor for the mentorship program and among the esteemed mentors chosen to host this year was our very own Pixie Newman. Pixie welcomed her two Emerging Leaders to Chicago; introduced them to Weston’s Chicago office, several of our key national leaders, the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council, and the Weston Women’s Network (WWN) Council; worked with them while they were in Chicago; and was lucky to have joined them (all the other Emerging Leaders) at the culmination events in Washington in late October.

Pixie states, “It was an honor and a privilege to work with these two very capable Emerging Leaders, other mentors and Emerging Leaders, and the TechWomen Program staff! The Emerging Leaders created amazing Impact Projects that they pitched to get seed funding to execute in their home countries upon their return.  The energy and enthusiasm were palpable and contagious.”

The TechWomen Program promotes cultural exchange, with participants from Africa, Central Asia, and the Middle East gaining exposure to innovative tech ecosystems across the U.S. Overall, this program is a vital force in advancing gender diversity in STEM by providing women with the mentorship and resources they need to excel in their careers.

As women continue to make great strides in historically male-dominated STEM fields, the value of a women’s network in the workplace becomes more apparent than ever. While they were in the U.S., these two Emerging Leaders were introduced to the WWN, which we established in 2021 with the aim of championing Weston women as effective advocates.

“This type of program aligns well with what the WWN hopes to accomplish: give our fellow females a hand up wherever we can,” said Leslie Lassi, who is on the WWN Council. “We rise together, as the saying goes.”

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